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Our Funding Services At a Glance​

At Capital Harbor we deliver secure and swift funding solutions, making your dream home or next major investment a reality.

Navigate the real estate market with our crew of well-connected professionals, offering tailored, budget-friendly solutions.

Earnest Money Deposit Lending

Secure your next property quickly with our fast and efficient Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Lending service.

Joint Venture

Partner with us for your next project and leverage our expertise and capital with our Joint Venture service.

Raising Capital

Access the funds you need for your real estate venture through our extensive Raising Capital network.

Gap Funding Solutions

Overcome capital shortfalls and keep your project moving with our flexible Gap Funding Solutions.

Why Choose Capital Harbor funding?

Do you need a little push to reach the house of your dreams? Are you looking to expand your real estate investment portfolio? Capital Harbor offers a unique and hassle-free opportunity for your real estate projects and deals.

Meet your new crew for navigating the seas of real estate funding solutions.

Who we serve

At Capital Harbor, we understand that every real estate journey is unique. That's why we've tailored our services to meet the diverse needs of individual flippers, home buyers, small-scale investors, and new developers, ensuring a personalized funding experience for each.

Individual Real Estate Flippers

Small-Scale Real Estate Investors

New Developers Seeking Joint Ventures

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