Frequently Asked Questions

Earnest money deposits are upfront payments showing a buyer’s good faith in a real estate transaction, while down payments are part of the purchase price paid at closing. Capital Harbor’s Earnest Money Deposit Lending ensures buyers can quickly secure their interest in a property.

Gap funding provides the necessary capital to cover unexpected costs or financial gaps in projects, allowing continuation toward completion. Capital Harbor specializes in crafting gap funding solutions that align with your project’s specific financial needs.

To qualify for raising capital, investors typically need a solid business plan, a clear financial projection, and a property with potential. Capital Harbor evaluates these factors to offer customized capital-raising solutions for your real estate projects.

Joint ventures in property development are partnerships where parties combine resources for a project, sharing risks and rewards. Capital Harbor facilitates joint ventures by connecting investors with developers, offering expertise and financial support.

An earnest money deposit is made to demonstrate the buyer’s serious interest in a property, held in escrow until closing. Capital Harbor’s earnest money deposit service ensures clients can swiftly secure deals, strengthening their bargaining position.

Joint ventures offer the opportunity to pool resources, share risks, and leverage combined expertise for greater project success. Through Capital Harbor, clients gain access to strategic partnerships that enhance project viability and profitability.

Raising private money involves sourcing funds from individual investors or investment groups, often requiring a compelling investment opportunity and terms. Capital Harbor assists clients in structuring attractive investment proposals to secure private capital efficiently.

First-time investors and developers can benefit from Capital Harbor’s comprehensive support, including funding solutions, market insights, and strategic advice, to navigate the real estate market confidently and successfully.

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