Who we work with

Capital Harbor proudly serves a diverse range of clients in the real estate sector.

From individual flippers to new developers, we're committed to providing tailored funding solutions that support your unique ambitions.

Individual Real Estate Flippers

Capital Harbor specializes in providing individual real estate flippers with the fast, flexible funding necessary for purchasing and renovating properties. Our loans are designed to help you capitalize on market opportunities quickly, ensuring you can flip properties for a profit with efficiency and ease.

Small-scale investors and Home Buyers

For small-scale investors and home buyers, Capital Harbor offers tailored financial solutions that make investment accessible and straightforward. Whether you're aiming to expand your rental portfolio or purchasing your first home, our services are designed to meet your unique financial needs, supporting your path to real estate success.

New Real Estate Developers

Capital Harbor is committed to assisting new developers in bringing innovative and impactful real estate projects to fruition. By entering into joint ventures, we not only provide the necessary capital but also share risk and reward, offering our expertise to ensure the project's success. Our collaborative approach aims to turn visionary projects into reality, fostering growth and development in the real estate sector.

Our Commitment to Your Success

At Capital Harbor, our dedication goes beyond just funding. We believe in building partnerships that foster growth, understanding the unique challenges you face, and working together to achieve your real estate objectives.